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a momentary glance/gaze
out the window,
and i am taken/transported

out (of my eyes),
in (to the sky),
over (the clouds),
under (the stars)

i fly/drift
to the core of

the stars-
the moon-
the milky way-
universes and galaxies-
everything converges
in my mind...


... i celebrate
my life,
and you

in a single glance/gaze
out the window,
i flew one/full circle
back to myself/earth

and i smiled.
very very experimental (for me anyway). yes, i'm sure you'd notice that this style i'm presenting in is pretty darn similar to someone else's (some people's?) *cough* [link] *ahem*. i just feel that this poem needs to be presented like this... i'm not gonna incorporate this style into *all* my poems from now on or anything like that... :P (Razz)

Daily Deviation

Given 2001-12-09
plethora- out the window by twilight-ashes takes the reader on an otherworldly trip and back. The author speaks of stars, galaxies the milky way in a keen style. Truly a wonderful work and must be recognized for its ability to move. Selected by `faithwalker. ( Featured by devart )
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December 8, 2001
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